Early and consistent advising is essential.

The new dual degree program in environment and science communication is exciting but rigorous and demands careful attention to course selection.

Courses in both programs are sequential, and taking advantage of our exciting experiential education opportunities will require you to be efficient in how you organize your semesters.

In order to ensure your ability to make the most of this program, early and consistent advising is essential. Please make an appointment to meet with one of the Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology advisors as early as possible—the sooner you speak with us, the sooner we can work out the paths to achieve your goals. School of Media and Journalism advisors hold drop-in advising hours every semester in advance of registration. Attending these sessions is the way to reserve seats in the following semester’s MJ-school courses.

Follow the below sequence each semester to secure your spot in the necessary MEJO courses:

  1. Complete the pre-advising survey, which you will receive from the ESC listserv early in the semester.
  2. Attend a drop-in advising session to plan your courses for the next semester and beyond.
  3. Complete the post-advising survey to request the MEJO courses you need based on discussion at the advising session. You will receive this survey via email after attending drop-in advising.
Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology

Geoff Bell: gwbell@email.unc.edu

Amy Cooke: acooke@email.unc.edu

Greg Gangi: ggangi@email.unc.edu

School of Media and Journalism

Heidi Hennink-Kaminski: h2kamins@email.unc.edu

Tom Linden: linden@unc.edu